Use self examination methods to check cancer development


Cancer is a deadly disease that has taken lives of many people across the globe. In cancer, there is uncontrollable growth of cells that damages the surrounding tissue. There are many forms of cancer and in this article we would talk about oral cancer.

Oral cancer is a development of a lump or a sore in mouth that does not go away. It can occur in your lips, tongue, throat, mouth palate and cheeks. Not only oral cancer, but any kind of cancer can be life threatening if not diagnosed and treated early.

What can cause this problem?

Unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle like smoking and heavy drinking are the major contributors to this disease. People who smoke are ten times more likely to get the disease than non-smokers. People who don’t smoke but chew tobacco can develop this cancer. Other than these, it could be genetic, like a family history of cancer. Cancer is a tough and expensive disease, especially if you are from a western part of the world. In India, cost of oral cancer treatment in India is far less that compared to other countries.

Symptoms of Oral cancer

As a cancer patient, you might not know that you are developing a cancer, until told by the doctor. But with the symptoms mentioned below, you can self examine yourself as well:-

  • Look for lumps on gums and lips. If you find any and is more than a week or two, immediately consult a doctor
  • Excessive bleeding in gums without any reasons
  • Prolonged soreness in throat with chronic pain
  • Sudden change in voice
  • Unexpected weight loss

You can look out for these symptoms to be on the safer side. If you find any, you should immediately consult a doctor, especially if you are chain smoker or heavy drinker.

Preventing the disease

One of the best ways to prevent the disease is to completely avoid the symptoms by making some changes in your lifestyle:-

  • Immediately quit smoking and drink occasionally.
  • Eat healthy diet that contains all necessary vitamins and minerals for the body
  • Avoid going out too much on sunny days. Even if you have to, apply sun blocks or UV rays protector on your skin half an before moving out.
  • Do a self examination atleast once a month. Look any signs of lumps or long lasting soreness in throat.
  • Visit your dentist regularly for examination to detect early signs of the disease.

Cancer treatment

Oral cancer is just another form of cancer and is treated with same methods like others. Surgical methods are used to remove cancerous cells along with chemotherapy. Oral cancer treatment in India cost is affordable. Medical insurances can be a good way to treat the disease.

Lastly, Cancer can be treated and patients can live a long healthy life if it is diagnosed in early stages. But even after the surgery, there are huge changes that need to be bought in your eating and drinking habits.


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