Things to Know Post Your Root Canal Treatment


Once you have undergone root canal treatment, you are going to experience tenderness and mild pain in the area surrounding the particular tooth and your jaw (because of keeping it open for a longer period of time during the treatment). However, these symptoms are temporary and can be easily taken care of with the help of medications.

In case, you are feeling severe pain or pressure in your teeth for more than a week, make sure to contact your endodontist, so he/she can look into the problem for you. Also, please be aware of the fact that the narcotic medications prescribed to you can cause drowsiness

Things to take care of after root canal treatment:

  • Try to avoid eating anything until the numbness in your mouth wears off as it will prevent you from biting your tongue or cheek.
  • Until and unless your treated tooth isn’t restored by dentist, don’t use that tooth to chew or bite your food.
  • Follow your brushing routine as you would normally do.

When and why to Contact your endologist on immediate basis:

  • It’s not unusual to get your temporary filling material wear off in-between your appointments. However, if the entire filling has come out, contact your endologist on immediate basis
  • If you’ve a visible swelling inside or outside of your mouth
  • If you’re getting an allergic reaction to the medication given to you, which include rashes, hives or itching
  • If you are experiencing the return of original symptoms returning or feel as if your bites are uneven.

Points to consider post root canal treatment:

Root Canal treatment is only the first step to make your tooth return to its normal functioning and if you are looking forward to get long-term success in return of your root canal treatment, a proper and final restoration is extremely important to ensure that but proper root canal treatment is too expensive i suggest you try to get personal loans for your treatment like guarantor loans. Because life is precious gift of God..If your root canal treatment is supposed to be completed in more than one appointment, make sure to complete the procedure before going for final restoration.

What to expect Post Root Canal Treatment:

If you are able to get proper and apt endodontic treatment, eventually completed by proper restoration, your tooth may last as long as your natural teeth. Once your tooth has been restored, you only need to practice good oral hygiene practices which include brushing, flossing, regular checkups and cleanings and you will be able to maintain your radiant smile for a longer period of time.


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