What is Regaine Foam, and How is it Used?


Regaine may be a complex word for the basicity of what it is used for – hair loss in men. Hair loss also occurs in women nonetheless, men! If you’ve been experiencing larger patches of skin on your head or there is more of your scalp put in the open, most especially from the middle of your head, and you do not know why or what to do about it?  Tag along as we highlight major helpful pointers.


Regaine a popular brand name with its major ingredient as minoxidil increase the size of shrunken hair follicles and grow thicker hair over time. Regaine works by increasing the circulation of blood flow to the hair follicle cells.

Regaine can only be used by men with a recent hair loss or early stages of hereditary hair loss. Men who have experienced hair loss for a little over 5 years are not in a way benefiting from this product.

It has been proven to stabilize hair loss in 6 out of 7 men and can also be prescribed over the counter with no difference in effectiveness or results. Regaine has brought about a revolutionary change in hair loss treatment, and a renewal of esteem loss as a result of this condition.

How to use Regaine

Regaine foam penetrates your scalp to restore inactive hair follicle and increase protein production in the scalp. Hence, the treatment is to be used externally on the scalp and nowhere else. Follow these easy steps to use Regaine –

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before and after application
  • Properly dry your hair before application
  • Remove the cap and squeeze the nozzle to dispense the foam, but note the foam will melt with body heat, so quickly make use of it.
  • Apply 1g of the foam (half a cupful) twice a day on the affected area and leave for 12 hours.

Easy right? Caution, please follow to the letter.

As effective as it is, results vary from person to person but noticeable results would be in about 16weeks, hair regrowth is a slow gradual process and applying more than prescribed in shorter periods would not make her grow any faster. For better and consistent results, continued use of Regaine is advice.

A word of caution, jumping into any hair loss treatment plan is highly unnecessary, a proper diagnosis must be done to ascertain the major cause of hair fall, otherwise, there may be more problems.

A proper diagnosis will not only tell the cause of hair loss but also what treatments would be allergic to your skin if the hair loss can be treated, what treatment would be the most effective. Get professional advice.

Among other available treatments, including – hair supplements, essential oil massage, artificial hair implant, spa treatment and changes in the basic hair habits, there is a product that gives rapid result – Regaine.

Finding Out the Cause of Your Hair Loss

Hair loss, although peculiar to women also occurs in men, a condition known as balding. Balding occurs in both middle aged and advanced aged men, and it starts slowly too. A condition in which large patches of hair fall off excessively.

There are a number of causes for balding in men, one of the most predominant being hereditary factors. So if there’s a huge hair patch on your pillow when you wake up, there’s an enhanced possibility of it being because of the number of persons with balding in your family tree.

Of course, there are other factors besides hereditary factors that contribute largely to your hair loss, some of which are –

  • Feeding habits – Nature decided that getting away with unhealthy foods will not be allowed and thus, hair loss. Your proteins are very paramount, vitamins; A, E, B12, omega-3, and 6 fatty acids also should be part of your diet. Just like every other part of the human body the scalp also needs necessary nutrients that would feed the roots of hairs making them full, thick and rich, which leads to the next point;


  • Hair habits – Necessary nutrients stored in the scalp for the hair needs to be and remain on the scalp. Yes, the hair gets dirty and needs a little washing from time to time but it is very important to know that excessively washing the hair will strip the scalp of these nutrients, starving the hair, eventually, they would begin to fall especially when there are no proper dietary requirements met. Making use of mild shampoo also goes a long way in preserving the scalp nutrients, you know? Not burn it out. Conditioning!  The importance of this cannot ever be overemphasized, it revitalizes, enhances, strengthens, moisturizes and treats the hair, in all, don’t skip it!


  • Stress – Understand that stress is a major factor that causes the ignition of proper absorption. Once your body undergoes a tiring process, it’ll raise the levels of hormones which will, in the long run, prevent absorption of necessary nutrients, pregnancy, for instance, causes a distortion in hormonal balance leading to a rise in hormones. Always de-stress!


  • Atmosphere – contributions made by the atmosphere lingers a lot. In cooler months, hair always fall, why? Because the scalp is dry, and a dry scalp equals a dry hair, a dry hair will break and as you’ve already imagined fall. During the winter, cooler months or in arid air conditions, the scalp must be kept moist, not wet, moist, it allows for richer hair strands to emerge.

Routine hair falls – Do you know, that there is a healthy amount of hair that should fall from time to time?  Well, there is. Why?  New strands will replace dormant ones, and for having a healthy hair, the strands that remain dormant and ingrowing will fall. So if it’s this hair loss you’re experiencing, fret not!  It is completely normal.


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