Learn How to Get Rid of Acne in Just 7 Days!


A week to go that you are going to walk down the aisle, your groom-to-be is really fanatic to look at your beauty and he likes being content if you look very attractive. He is seeking the love in your beauty, likes to be in your lap and willing to inhale your breath in his soul. Nonetheless, you are not in festive mood and you are not in mood for smiling or being cheerful. Reason you know that your face is not as it is in your profile picture. You have acne on your face that you are shy to show your face to others in real time.

It sounds bad when someone says to you, “You are not really pretty”. You cry in quietness or publicly because your face is the first weapon to stick your hubby to in your love. If you do not have attractive face, it will be really very difficult to impress him.

What if he does not admire you? Of course! You will not be happy with yourself. Do you remember? You might have picked your pimple and scrubbed your face and this is why you must be suffering from this problem. On the other hand, it is also a cause of acne if you had bad foods.

Moving on to the solution by which you may get good skin to make your husband-to-be excited about your stunning face. If you visit the markets, you will see lots of medicines, creams and lotion to get rid of this issue, but something which can be prepared at your home is much better. Let’s have a look at the solutions.

Solutions to Have Attractive Face

  • If you are going to get married just after 7 days and your skin is too rough, dull and dry or too oily, you must understand some facts about gaining your skin beauty.
  • Please do not try to use scrub and pick your pimple on your face otherwise you will have much acne. It is your mistake to do this, so try not to do this.
  • Use lemon juice to flush the bacteria on skin; if the lemon juice irritates your skin, it is a symptom that your face has germs that should be sanitized.
  • Never hide your acne with a mole, but you may remove it by banana peel.
  • Using lemon peel is also good for having fresh and light skin.
  • If you are really very serious about having superb appearance about your beauty, you will have to use honey with lemon juice which would be really very good for your skin.
  • Use turmeric on your face as this is very good to lighten your skin so that you can look good.
  • Increase the intake of green vegetables to have healthy skin.
  • Avoid much fat in foods because they cause you skin infection.
  • Washing face over and over again is not effective for glowing skin. It is a myth and it actually makes your face rough.
  • If you use towel, you must sensibly dry your body; using a drier is the best alternative for you.


These all mentioned home remedies for ridding acne are proven best in the world. Acting upon strictly is the best way for getting to your goal. 7 days are not a long period and this is why you should take action now.


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