Important Things Parents Need To Do For Eye Care Of Their Children


Minor issues with your children’s eye vision may become worse for them, so you must know what your responsibilities are as parents in this regard. Parents, who’re mindful about the health of their kids, often take them to dentist and pediatrician for regular checkups, but they normally forget to think about the health and care of their eyes which is the real cause of many problems in children. Studies have shown that at least one child in every four has different vision problems which are left untreated and greatly affect the physical performance, growth and learning of the children in future. The following are a few common problems caused by poor vision in children.

Learning Skills & Abilities

If your child has poor vision, this will directly destroy his learning skills and abilities as it becomes almost impossible for him to focus on things that he can’t see clearly. Researchers have clearly shown that more than 65% of learning incapacities and disabilities found in children are due to issues with vision. This is the main reason why the children who are suspected to be affected with ADD/ADHD or some other types of learning disorder are referred for proper eye checkup.

Risk of Serious Condition

Having poor eye vision does not just affect the learning capabilities of the children but can also be some kind of serious condition which may lead to neurological or physical disorders. For instance, if your child is experiencing strabismus which is also known as wandering or crosses eyes, this may lead to vision loss for permanent basis. Therefore, any problem with eyes must never be ignored no matter how minor they are, they must be diagnosed and treated in time.

Poor Athletic Performance

If the child has poor eye vision, this will also badly affect his athletic performance and he won’t be able to take part in any type of sports activities due to not seeing clearly and even if he is encouraged to participate, there is a great risk for major injuries. Furthermore, the affected child can also go through the worse eye problems such as retinal disease, congenital glaucoma or cancerous tumors.

Importance of Comprehensive Eye Examination

Most of the eye condition occurs in childhood can be controlled and treated effectively if diagnosed in time and the quickest way to catch those eye vision problems is to have a comprehensive eye examination. However, surveys have shown that most of the children who are supposed to go through such exams, don’t usually go which is off course not their fault but actually the fault of their parents who are lazy or unaware of the importance of thorough eye checkups.

Being a parent, you must realize your responsibility and stop thinking your family doctor as an eye specialist who can examine the visible symptoms; instead the symptoms must be caught before they are visible which is only possible through regular checkups. Therefore, you must never ignore the importance of comprehensive eye examination so the issues and conditions with eye vision can be diagnosed and treated in time. Remember the future of your children is in your hands, don’t destroy it or you will never forgive yourself in your entire life.


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