HIIT For Fat Loss: Is It A Great Fat-Burning Program?


If you are into fat loss programs and want to find the best one for your needs, you’ve probably come across HIIT for fat loss at some point during your search. According to its reviews, HIIT For Fat-Burning Program is one of the most praised programs out there – and one that is able to help you cut down massive amounts of fat from your body.

But is this weight loss program actually legit? In other words, is it the one you need to lose fat fast?

Below, you will find all the answers about this concept of exercise.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) For Fat Loss – Its Main Focus And Benefits

If you are new to the HIIT concept, it basically revolves around any exercise that combines high-intensity interval training’ where you work harder and not for longer times. You exert the maximum effort through quick and intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods. This is what gets your heart rate up and let you burn more fat and calories in less time.

As we said above, high-intensity interval training is a form of exercise that sends your body into fat-burning mode. If you do it right, you can definitely burn a grip of calories even in a 30-minute workout per day. This makes the lack of time no excuse.

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Basically, the main concept of HIIT is to train in intervals with different speeds of training. Whether that is sprinting or jump-roping, using the treadmill, stair-mill, stationary bike or the elliptical, HIIT definitely burns calories by pushing the high-intensity intervals and lowering your heart-rate during the low-intensity ones.

So, what makes the HIIT For Fat Loss effective for fat burning is the fact that it produces post-oxygen consumption a.k.a. EPOC. According to a study by the Tennessee State University, this is what increases the resting metabolic rate for the following 24 hours, triggering fat loss.

On the other hand, the metabolic effects of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) for fat loss are amazing. It was found to improve insulin sensitivity by anywhere from 23%-58% and help boost fat loss. Also, it increases post-exercise energy expenditure which translates into higher and longer post-exercise calorie burn.

Pros And Cons OF HIIT For Fat Loss

Now that you know that HIIT is great for fat loss, let’s focus on its pros and cons.


It is time efficient – perfect for anyone with a busy schedule

It lets you burn more fat – in a shorter space of time

It can be done anywhere – with a variety of exercises such as push-ups, burpees and lunges

It uses our own body weight to produce fat burning results – as we said, you don’t always need equipment for this exercise

It increases your metabolism – and speeds up your growth hormone up to 450% according to research


It is not the best solution for everyone – you must have a basic level of fitness to begin

It can cause dizziness – especially if you are alternating between sitting and standing, making your drop pressure drop

It can shred your muscles as well – cardio shreds muscles and leaves them feeling sore

Final Verdict

Even though there are both pros and cons, it is safe to say that HIIT For Fat Loss is a great program that can help people reach their fitness goals and lose weight easily. Even if you want to build muscle while losing weight, you can combine between the HIIT exercises and gym sessions and still achieve solid results.

However, if your goal is to burn fat and increase your overall fitness level, HIIT for Fat Loss works perfectly fine – and you can combine any workout like jogging, swimming or walking to achieve great results.

Author: Alex Reader MSc is an online personal trainer, fitness expert and founder of Alex Reader Fitness


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