How to grow taller at 14


In the recent world, everyone wants to become taller because when someone is taller then in most of the cases, it has seen that he has a stronger social present than the other people around him. Again taller people get advantages in different sports, and there are also several job opportunities where only tall people can apply. So in this era parents are very much careful about their child health and also with their height. They provide different health drinks to their children from the very beginning but sometimes they find no result as the height of their child does not increase at a normal rate. So if you want to become taller at 14, then you should follow some simple steps which are mentioned below.

First of all, you have to consume more healthy food and for that, you should always maintain proper diet chart. You have to make sure that you are getting all the important nutrients which are essential for proper growth. You should not consume various junk foods as these foods can cause harm to your health. Again you should also check whether the foods in the diet chart contain Vitamin D or not because this is very much necessary for the development of bones. So you should include different foods like eggs, fish, red meats, mushroom and also dairy products in the diet plan.

Dairy products are very much necessary for your growth as these contain calcium which is the most important thing for the development of the bones. Besides dairy products, there are several other things for consuming calcium like green vegetables, soybeans, sardines, etc. You should also check the amount of Zinc in the foods also. There are several foods like peas, oysters, chocolate, eggs, etc. which gives the proper amount of zinc in your body.

Again not only proper diet but exercises and workout are also important for your proper growth. If someone is practicing different outdoor sports regularly, then his chance of getting taller will be high because with the increase in the physical efforts the demand of the nutrients in the body also increase, which in turn helps to grow taller. Again if you practice swimming regular, then it is the best exercise for his health as it helps to elongate the muscles in his body and thus it will help you for proper growth. Sometimes hanging from a bar also helps in the growth and you have to perform these exercises several times in a week and then you will find a positive effect. There are several other exercises also which help in proper growth like toe touching, super stretch, etc. Again you can also do regularly skipping as this helps a lot to increase the height.

Lastly, you should need adequate sleep and also drink more water in a day, and this is very much important to our health. Again if you want to grow taller at 14, then you should not consume any drug or alcohol as this creates a problem in this process of getting taller.


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