Backed by Science: 4 Strategies to Help You Stop Biting Your Nails


Nail biting is a bad habit, but one that many people share. It can lead to medical issues for those who bite their nails regularly and can be a sign of stress. If you bite your nails frequently and want to learn how to quit, check out these 4 strategies backed by science that can help you quite quickly and for good.

Try Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is an effective way to stop biting your nails completely. Try hypnosis audios that are designed specifically with nail-biting in mind to use self-hypnosis. It’s incredibly easy to do this as all you need to do is download an audio file and listen to it. These audio files are incredibly effective for many people and not only helped them stop biting their nails now but helped them make a permanent change, so they never went back to biting their nails. Hypnosis is a very easy way to attempt to stop nail biting, which means it’s one that most people will want to try out.

Keep Hands Busy

A study showed that keeping your hands busy can help reduce the chance of biting your nails. Find something to keep in your hands as much as possible throughout the day so they’re always busy and there won’t be as much temptation to bite your nails. Some ideas to try to include playing with a rubber band, using a stress ball, clicking a pen, or playing with a fidget spinner. The study showed that those who could keep their hands busy were able to reduce the likelihood of biting their nails by replacing it with a habit that isn’t as harmful to them.

Cover Your Nails

Nails that are easy to access are easy to bite without thinking about it. Getting regular manicures or painting your nails can mean you’re less likely to bit them as you won’t want to mess up the manicure or nail polish. It’s also possible to wear gloves more often or otherwise keep your nails covered to try to avoid biting them. Those who keep their nails covered are less likely to bite their nails simply because it takes extra time and steps to be able to do so. When it’s harder to do, it’s likely they’ll catch themselves before they start biting their nails and remember that this is a habit they’re trying to stop.  

Reward Your Progress

Rewards are a fantastic way to encourage a new habit to stick around. Those who give themselves small rewards for going a certain amount of time without biting their nails are more likely to continue the habit and quit biting their nails completely. Try getting a manicure, having an extra special lunch, or watching a special movie when you’ve gone a few days without biting your nails. A reward doesn’t have to be expensive; it just has to be something fun that makes reaching small goals more exciting.

If you bite your nails a lot and you’d like to quit, try some of the ideas here to give yourself the extra edge needed to quit this habit completely. While you won’t be able to quit overnight, each of these tips can get you started and help you as you learn to stop biting your nails.


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