5 Tips for Your Post-Workout Meals


During a session in the gym, our energy is represented by the glycogen which is depleted and we need to regain strength to continue daily life and prepare for the next workout. As you see in what follows, the post-workout meal is vital for proper rehydration, muscle tissue reconstruction and renewal of energy.

1 – Drink Plenty of Water

It is not, of course, a solid food, but it is imperatively necessary that replenishes liquid requirements once you have completed your training, especially in hot days. Water, in addition to its essential function of hydration, is a natural diuretic too; the more water you drink; the more water you will eliminate, which is especially useful in your dialing period. Drink at least half a liter of water or juice with your dietary solid meal after training.

2 – Don’t Eat Anything

One of the deepest myths in the world of exercise is that after a hard workout, your body is ready to absorb anything you offer it, and therefore, it is no matter the quality or quantity of food. It is a grave mistake; if you give your body food of sub-standard quality or too rich in fat and carbohydrates, it will assimilate fats and carbohydrates, which is not necessarily good. Ideally you replenish carbohydrates moderately eating foods containing them, especially complex carbohydrates for slower digestion, and they are not incorporated into the body as fat reserves are shortly ingested. Remember, if you give your body the wrong fuel when it is hungry for fuel, you force yourself to work with poor fuel quality, which is not a good idea at all. Do not waste a good workout for an hour in a couple of minutes of poor intake.

3 – Go Proteins

Besides a moderate amount of carbohydrates, it is essential that you replenish protein to feed the muscle. A good cut of lean meat, a protein shake or fish are the types of foods you should incorporate preferably after a gym session. The protein does not provide abundant source of energy, but it hydrates and it cannot replenish muscle fibers you destroy at microscopic level in each workout with weights.

4 – Eat Foods No Later than One Hour after Training

When you are training, your metabolic rate rises and your glycogen stores evaporate, so the body goes into catabolic phase i.e. taking energy through food consumption or destruction of muscle tissue. Of course, you do not want at all that muscle you gain hard in the gym is destroyed because of poor nutrition, so you should be sure to ingest your post-workout meal no later than one hour after completion of the session in the gym. In this period, what occurs is known as anabolic window and the body incorporates whatever it wants to avoid the destruction of muscle tissue and consumption of fat reserves. Well, you do not want muscle tissue is destroyed, but want the fat reserves to be used up, so you should feed your metabolism with protein, moderate carbohydrate and low in fat foods ASAP to lower or keep your weight and increase muscle mass.

5 – Plan your Intake

If you live far from the gym where you train, it is wise to carry in your purse a granola bar, an energy bar containing carbohydrate and protein and, if possible, a protein shake. Some athletes take their post-training in containers where they can consume with ease. In conclusion, you must not let too much time pass between the end of the session and intake.


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