5 Best Post Pregnancy Exercises


Our body needs physical activity to stay fit and healthy. It is one of the essential requirements of our body. It reduces the risk of many diseases like type 2 diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. If we talk about pregnant ladies, then many people assume that exercise might harm the mother and the child both. When a woman conceives a child, then it is assumed by many people that the health of both the mother and the child can be affected by any physical activity or exercise. Therefore, they should rest. But it is nothing like that. Regular exercise is important for them too. It helps them in getting back the pre-pregnancy shape of their body. It is evident that women gain weight during pregnancy but if they do regular exercise during that period and try to maintain their figure then losing weight post-delivery becomes easy and less time taking. There are some exercises which should be performed during pregnancy while there are some which are beneficial to be performed after the birth of a child. They will help you in building your strength as well as in losing your weight in a less time span. Following are five best post pregnancy exercises:

1- Regular walk

It is the most simple and common type of exercise. It helps in burning calories and in staying fit. It should be made part of your daily routine. After giving birth to a child, the start of the walk stroll must be easy as it will eventually pump up to a power walk. A gentle walk helps a lot to maintain the body shape.

 2- Head and shoulder lifts

Another essential exercise for removing the weight gained during pregnancy is by head and shoulder lifts. By performing this exercise, the back muscles are strengthened and also to tone the tummy and abs. The head and shoulder lifts burn the calories.

An inversion table can also be used to perform easy exercises.

3- Kegels

There are some problems faced by a woman after delivering a child. This exercise will help her in controlling the leaks caused by laughing or picking up your baby. Along with that, it will help you tone bladder muscles and also reduces the risk of incontinence related to childbirth.

4- Pelvic Bridge

This exercise can be performed after six weeks of delivery. It helps to strengthen the transverse, buttocks, and lower back. It is an essential exercise which must be made part of your daily routine to lose the weight gained during pregnancy.



5- Pelvic tilt

This exercise could not be performed for eight to ten weeks if you had a C section, though after one week of vaginal delivery it can be performed. It improves the abdominal stamina and strength.


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