3 Unique Exercises to Grow Height


There are certain things we cannot change howmuchever we make attempts to make it possible. If you think height is one of those certain things, keep reading on to find the truth.

It is believed that height is determined 80% by genetic factors and the remaining 20% are environmental factors, especially nutrition and disease during childhood and adolescence. This means that we cannot do much about it, but something can certainly be done about it. The following are proven ways to grow a few inches if followed strictly.

  • Food and exercise
  • Growth hormone
  • Bone lengthening
  • Stretches

The first two methods work on the same principle. The exercise and diet stimulate growth hormone. Injections of synthetic growth hormone also work but could produce unpleasant side effects. In either case, if you have spent 20 years, forget about it as they enable you to gain muscle but not height.

The method of bone lengthening consists of a metal frame to the legs through the meat, bone fracture and stretch to be welded by lengthening a bit. It is very expensive and there is a risk of infection, so it is justified only in extreme cases.

Pertaining to stretching, it works with what we have and get the full advantage of it. The part of our body where we can gain more height is the spine. Between the vertebrae are cartilaginous discs, which have nasty habit of herniation. When these discs are healthy and hydrated, they are thicker and add a few inches to your height. There are several stretches that can help you increase your height.

1 – Hanging

Though gravity compresses our body, it can also be used to stretch our body. You need to hang from a bar and let your back and limbs lengthen. Relax your arms, shoulders and hips, and try to hold at least for 20 seconds. Repeat the exercise several times. The other from of it is a platform to hang from us upside down which is harder than hanging in normal position.

2 – The Cat

This exercise strengthens waist muscles and helps separate vertebral discs. Get on all fours with chest out and head up and curve your back down. Now exhale and bend your back up, lowering head and tucking gut.

3 – Cobra

This is a classic yoga and there are quite a few difficulty levels i.e. lie face down, press the legs and pelvis to the ground and rise slowly over the elbows as you breathe. If you have problems with back pain, you better skip it.


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