3 Tips to Make Seamlessly Straight Hair


Straight and silky hair is very popular among people and those who have curly hairs always want to have their hair straight which is not at all impossible these days as you can go to a hair salon in your area where you can get straight hair looks permanently and this will not cost you too much, but it might be costly for your hair because of hot irons and the chemical used during the treatment. Therefore, a number of people prefer to use home treatment methods rather than going to salons. Here are a few tips for straightening hair in which you can use ingredients easily available at your own home.

1 – Celery Leaves

Chop a few leaves of celery and blend them to extract juice and use muslin cloth for straining. Now pour the juice into a bottle and store it overnight and the next day when you wake up in the morning, apply extracted and stored juice on your hair scalp and length. Use a broad toothed comb to comb do your hair and leave the covered hair for about an hour or a little more before you rinse off. You can use natural bristle brush to dry hair gently.

2 – Water & Milk

One of the most popular natural hair straightening tips is using the mixture of water and milk in which you use half cup of water and the same amount of milk and then pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Now spray the mixture on scalp and hair but make sure to comb properly before and after spraying. Now leave it for about half an hour and then use water to wash your hair gently and then use broad toothed comb to comb your hair. This technique can be used three times a week for getting awesome look.

3 – Coconut Milk

The third method can be used within your house is coconut milk. Grate and blend one coconut to extract milk and mix it with the juice extracted from lime. Mix both of them in a bowl and then place into refrigerator for about one day. The next day when you will take it out of refrigerator, you will see creamy layers which can be used on your scalp and hair.

When you are done with applying layers, use a warm towel to cover your head and leave it for about an hour before it is rinsed off. Wash out with water and use a wide toothed comb to do your hair. This tips for straightening curly hair can also be used three times a week for getting amazing results.

You can use any of the three abovementioned tips to get straight hair and the best thing about these natural methods is that you don’t have any risk of damaging your hair which is often caused in using heating irons and products with chemicals. If you really want to get rid of curly hair, you will find nothing better than natural methods.


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