Yoga Before Or After Workout?


Every few weeks a client approaches me and asks about incorporating yoga into their regular workout. And without any hesitation, I usually end up encouraging them to try out as many forms of exercise as possible. Unfortunately, there’s one aspect of this topic that I have never really discussed, should one workout before or after their yoga session? In this regard, I have compiled a comprehensive guide on how to use yoga before and after your workout.

Yoga before the workout.


  1. Warming up before an intense workout is an integral part of developing an effective fitness regimen. This is where a light yoga session comes into play as it will warm up your muscles and prepare your body for a beating.
  2. A light yoga session will also help develop focus ahead of your major workout. Yoga employs the use of meditation which in turns helps one develop laser sharp focus. Having such a high level of focus will keep you mentally strong enough to tackle any workout.
  3. Are you lacking stamina during your regular workouts? Don’t worry, engaging in a light yoga session should help your body develop some much-needed stamina.


  1. If one were to take on a tasking variation of yoga such as Shavasana before their main work-out then they are very likely to tire themselves out and eventually ruin their fitness regimen.
  2. Having a yoga session before a workout can also increase the likelihood of injury. This is due to the increased strain that your body will go through.
  3. Yoga can warm up your muscles too much make it very difficult to take on some exercises such as weight training which require a bit of stiffness in the body.

Yoga after a workout


  1. Having a yoga session after your main workout is a great way to cool down and eventually end your fitness regimen. This can be done by employing light stretches and poses while taking one breathing exercises that will slowly transition your body back to its normal level of functioning.
  2. Having your yoga session after a strenuous workout is also a great way to numb sore muscles and joints. This is an effective technique as yoga poses and stretches are designed to let blood freely flow throughout your body and distribute oxygen to areas with excess lactic acid.
  3. Taking on your yoga session after a long hard workout will enable you to have some time for self-reflection. This is one of the major psychological benefits of having a meditation-rich yoga session as it enables you to enjoy all the feel-good chemicals produced after a workout. If you are going through depression, anxiety or any other form of mental pressure then this will be a treat for you.


  1. A heavy workout coupled with an intense yoga session is definitely a recipe for injury. All that straining could result in an unexpected muscle tear or even bone breakage.
  2. Having a yoga session after your workout could ideally be pointless as your body is already severely drained. You’ll end up wasting time and barely be getting any stretches or poses done the right way.

Yoga before and after a workout.

There are people who believe that one should, in fact, take on their yoga poses and stretches before and after their workout.


  1. Taking on yoga before and after your other forms of exercise such as cardio and weight training can give your workout regimen some structure by ensuring that your body is well taken care of during the entire process. This includes getting your body warmed up, pushing it to its limit and ultimately cooling down.


  1. The chances of one injuring themselves while incorporating yoga before and after their workout are extremely high. This is due to all the training that the body has to take.
  2. There are no reputable scientifically backed accounts that support incorporating yoga before and after your workout. Most trainers are making things up as they go along and someone is bound to get hurt.

This all you need to know about incorporating yoga into your workouts. Hopefully, this information will prove useful to you and aid you along your path towards too great fitness and health.


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