Weight Loss Accountability


How Personal Reasoning and Accountability through Measurements and Before Pics help your Weight Loss?

Get ready for permanent lifestyle changes if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Are you exhausted of fluctuating results and yo-yo diets? Follow these steps if you like to have permanent weight loss results?

  • Write your reasons, why you really want to lose weight. Such as;
  • You need to clean your arteries
  • You want to wear your skinny clothes
  • You want to get rid of migraines
  • You do not want to get heart disease or cancer
  • You want to fee your best or
  • You want to be around your nearest and dearest without any hesitation

These reasons will help you to re-visit them throughout your weight loss journey, particularly during weak times when you get overwhelmed and decide to quit.

Note Down your starting measurements and weight

Most if not all of us dislike scale, however it is necessary for your journey. Get on the scale and note down your weight, and do this once every week or month. Do not do this every day. If you do not like to know your number, ask somebody else for this such as your nearest friend or your partner. Moreover measure your neck, arm, chest, hips, thighs, and waist and note them separately. After some weeks, scale will remain but inches will move, so take these measurements after every 6 to 8 weeks. Don’t let occasional weight gains or no loss times get you down. Utilize this time as motivation, such as what you can do differently? Did you overindulge? Did you add another exercise? Analyze and then move on.

Take Before Photos

It isn’t just fun taking before photo. But, it does give you a constant inspiration. Stick one to your refrigerator and a copy inside your pantry. As soon as you get to your weight loss goal, watching the difference that you achieved from all that hard work at gym, is indescribable.

Be Accountable

When you lack self-control, join weigh loss program to let you be accountable. Having receptionist weigh you once in a week and paying for it will let you keep honest. Additionally, you will get to meet the others who are struggling for same cause.

Don’t indulge yourself in unhealthy, addictive and toxic foods. Never believe in a mantra “eat whatever you want” sold by many weight loss centers. Although they push veggies and fruits they aren’t zero points. An occasional junk or fast food trip can let you slip the slope which ends in a failure.



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