Ways to Straighten Hair Using a Flat Iron


Now it is quite easy to get straight hair by using a flat iron right inside your own home. In this regard, ceramic flat irons are considered to be the best tools that do not cause any damage to your hair. If you use a ceramic iron in professional-grade, you can get the infrared heat and negative ions which will seal in moistness while you are straightening hair.

Moreover, if you use the correct strengthening techniques and don’t ignore the importance of applying proper hair treatments before and after you finish straightening, you will be able to protect your hair from getting damaged due to heat and keep treated hair straight throughout the day. Here are a few hair straightening tips with flat iron which you can follow to use flat iron properly from beginning of the process to the finishing.

Preparing Hair for Heating

The first and most important step is to prepare your hair to be ready for heating; for this purpose, you can use exclusively formulated shampoo and conditioners to produce straight hair. Make sure to buy the quality products rather than buying the expensive ones and everything that you need for straightening hair can be easily bought from local stores. After shampooing and conditioning, pat your hair with a towel to make them dry and spill out water; avoid ruffling harshly to dry them but squeeze gently.

Using Thermal Protection Serum

In the second step, you should use a thermal protection serum while your hair is still wet and then use a wide toothed comb to comb hair. Wetness in hair helps in applying the serum all around hair region without forming clumps. There are various products which you can use to help your hair stay straight throughout the day, especially those with obliphica berry, Moroccan oil, argon nut oil, coconut oil or silicone.

Blowing Your Hair Dry

It is really important to dry your hair as much as possible while you are trying to straighten. There are two reasons to make your hair completely dry, firstly, it will help you use flat iron for hair straightening to work much better with your hair and secondly, it will also protect your hair from getting broken off and damaged due to heating. The position of the dryer should be pointed downwards with hair flow.

Use Proper Technique

Here are few tips to use proper technique for better straightening.

  • Plug in and switch on straightener.
  • Adjust heat setting according to your requirement.
  • The thicker your hair is; the more sections should be created.
  • Straighten one section at a time while the other sections can be clipped or pinned.
  • Place straightener close to roots of each section but ensure not to burn yourself.
  • Clamp iron down to touch the heated sides but don’t hold flat iron on one spot for long.
  • Now run the straightener over each section that you want to straighten and run it several times until it gets straight.


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