Using Supplements to Tackle Your Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety and Stress

Using Supplements to Tackle Your Anxiety and Stress

Many people who try to tackle their anxiety and stress levels often are faced with difficult choices to make. There are many tools and methods available to control stress and anxiety, but when someone feels they need extra support the only option available is often pharmaceutical.

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However recent breakthroughs in our understanding of neuroscience have shown that dietary supplements of the right natural compounds can give people the extra support they need in times of stress and anxiety, without having to resort to powerful drugs that often have unwanted and extreme side effects.

Your Neurotransmitters and You

Within each of our brains is a network of neurons. Through this network nerve impulses travel, and all our thoughts and actions are sent through our brains as these impulses. This network of neurons is connected by neurotransmitters that influence the neuron, and the nerve impulses that travel through it. Neurotransmitters influence the impulses (our thoughts and actions) in either an excitatory (positive) or inhibitory (negative) way. Imbalances in these influences cause us stress and anxiety, and these in turn cause secondary affects such as sleep deprivation and lack of appetite.


Just as we may address deficiencies in our diet with supplements, or a lack of iron in our blood stream, we can tackle neurological imbalances within ourselves using supplements to bring our neurotransmitters under control. By taking the right supplement we can regain healthy sleep, reduce our stress and master our anxiousness and restlessness. Accutrition offers a line of these supplements that help with today’s most common health concerns. Sleep Aids by Neuroscience are an excellent place to start, and there are a variety of products tailored to a number of different stress related problems.  

Supplementing the Supplement

No pill is a miracle cure, it is important to make sure you take extra steps to give your supplement, and yourself, the time and space needed to balance. By adding some meditation or yoga to your regimen along with your neuro-supplements you are giving yourself the best chance of a peaceful mind.

Many studies have also shown that adding a task that stretches you neurologically, such as a crossword or a puzzle, can help release stress and add to your hours of restful sleep. Reading and music can also create a peaceful atmosphere and aid your general mindfulness. Balance this with some daily, light physical exercise and you will increase your hours slept and reduce stress.  

Neuro-supplements offer us a fantastic opportunity to help alleviate stress and aid our sleep without having to resort to powerful pharmaceutical drugs. It is always important to look at the full spectrum of help available to you if you are suffering from a lack of sleep or excess anxiety, but make sure neuro-supplements are something you consider. You should always consult a medical professional such as your doctor or pharmacist when treating any ailment and they will be able to advise you on which treatment would suit you best.


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