Useful Tips to Get Rid of Yeast Infection


Having infection in vagina is the name of yeast infection. In this situation, you feel itching in your affected area and you desperately desire to be free of this health issue. It is said that this infection can make you cry because much pain and irritation occur in the vagina. Sometimes you feel bad when you piss because acid in urine irks the area where you have infection.

There is a misconception that women have yeast infection due to making sex, remember that it is not a sexually transmitted disease (STD), thus, any woman can have this disease and a virgin lady can also have vaginal yeast infection. There are many bacteria in your vagina that may cause infection in it. These bacteria are known lactobacillus. To help you relieve of this issue, there are some tips for getting rid of yeast infection.

  1. If you have no non-drying soap, your vaginal area can be rougher and drier. It is the most important thing to know that using nondrying soap keeps you away from this infection.
  2. If you wear cotton underwear, you will have comfort and relaxation for the cause that underwear made of pure cotton is really very good in this regard.
  3. It is your mistake if you like wearing pantyhose; nylon pantyhose is not comfortable when you have yeast infection.
  4. You should try to avoid toilet paper; it may make your vaginal area rough. Instead of using this, you are supposed to wash it with water in toilet.
  5. Do not try to eat too much medicine because they can be a reason of this disease and you will not be feeling good. According to medical research, your body does not have power to consume too many medicines.
  6. If you are trying to take birth control pills, it is such a goof; you should not take it in order to be free of vaginal yeast infection.
  7. If you are not habitual of wearing neat and clean underwear every day, you are highly prone to this disease, so wear neat and clean underwear as it protects you from this infection.
  8. Avoid bubble bath in this condition because it is not good; you should not use it or your infection may increase.
  9. If you give up fatty foods from your dietary routine, your infection can be reduced. Processed and oily foods are dangerous for your health.
  10. Never try to have sugar in your foods for the cause that it may be a reason of blood sugar. It is known that to control yeast infection, it is difficult when you are suffering from diabetes.
  11. Drinking cranberry juice is really very effective to give relaxation to your affected area.
  12. You can use an ointment as suggested by doctor. It can be really very good for reducing infection. You can have relief within 24 hours if your condition is not severe.
  13. Adding garlic to your dishes is a great source to diminish yeast infection. If you eat plain garlic, it will be better for you.


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