Useful Medicines to Treat High and Low Blood Pressure Levels


When you have blood pressure, you must know that your blood has many stages i.e. low blood pressure, ideal blood circulation, prehypertension, malignant hypertension and hypertension. You are here having tendency to keep your blood at its ideal flow if the normal 120 mm Hg –upper, mm Hg – lower 80 reading is there, you are not at risk. In order to have ideal blood pressure, you need to take medicines mentioned below after consultation with your doctor.

1. Beta Blockers

This medicine is often used to control BP and it is also available at any medical store; it is also good for headache and majority of people take it after diuretics. Keep in mind that beta blockers can cause diarrhea, nausea, stomach cramps and vomiting.

2. Water Pills

When you hear about water pills, there come diuretics splendidly work wonder for hypertension to lower it and most of the affected persons use these. Side effects are making water again and again, muscle weakness, lightheadedness, blurred vision, dehydration and fever.

3. ACE Inhibitors

ACE inhibitors are used to fight against high blood pressure. Make sure that these medicines during pregnancy can be terrible that can create lots of complications. On the other hand, you can have less chances of being free of perspiration.

4. Fludrocortisone

You must go for drug fludrocortisone which is usually used for treating low blood pressure or hypotension. If you want to increase the volume of your blood, this medicine is on the top of list. As a result, you will have an ideal blood flow.

5. Alpha Blockers

Alpha blockers that people call alpha-adrenergic antagonists too. It is good to deal with several illnesses and one of them it high blood pressure. Doxazosin and Minipress are great examples of the alpha blockers. If you want to take a dose, bedtime is the best time since it can cause you dizziness and faintness happens when there is lowering the circulation of blood.

Instructions for Hypotension

  • You will have to increase your salt intake.
  • Try to drink plenty of water to be free of dehydration and hypotension.
  • Do not try to drink alcohol because it is not good for your health.
  • Eat low-carb intake to get good health.
  • Try to avoid polluted atmosphere.
  • Avoid driving vehicles, especially in hot season.
  • Take a spoon of sugar and enjoy its taste to avoid dizziness and vomiting.

Instructions for Hypertension

  • Go for grape sugar! Add it in 250ml water and drink it if chilled as it will lower your high blood pressure.
  • No need to sprinkle more salt in your dish for the reason that it resists your blood to go up higher than 150mm Hg.
  • Drink cool water in daytime. It is said that eight glasses of water must be consumed.
  • Light exercises should be included in your daily routine.
  • Do not resent on a minor thing, stay cool and avoid argumentative behavior.
  • Instead of having pork, eat white meat, especially fish.


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