Use Regular Tea as an Effective Cure of Herpes


It demands a few days for the treatment of herpes. It is said that that herpes is one of the most known virus and it has the effects on more people across the globe and mostly hit the areas of mouth and genitals. In children, for example, it can be passed on via saliva and cause much pain as the children have less endurance as compared to the adults. Therefore, it is important to go for the cue quickly and immediately whether the affected person is a small kid or grown up person.

When blisters start appearing, it indicates that herpes virus physically present and it might disappear in some days, but the virus actually remains dormant in the body. The medical examination required to b performed by health professional indicating appropriate drugs for the cure of herpes.

One of the ways to treat it is beyond ointment or drugs and it comes through home remedies which are excellent and have become quite accepted as their effectiveness and speed have proven by a great number of people who have used them along with medical treatments and outcomes have been more than good.

Tea as a Remedy for Herpes

One of such remedies is simply the use of using tea which is rapid and effective. A tea bag and a small piece of cloth is all you need to perform this natural remedy at the comfort of your home.

Steps to Perform Home Remedy of Tea

In order to perform this remedy, the same way is applied which is normally used to prepare an infusion of tea i.e. place tea bag in one cup boiled water op to four minutes and in another empty cup, squeeze the bag so that excess water falls in it. Now you dip a piece of cotton fabric in the second cup to soak it well in the liquid and apply that piece of soaked fabric on affected vesicles of herpes.

As an alternative to a piece of fabric, you can make use of a piece of common hydrophilic gauze which can easily be bought form a pharmacy or drugstore. The treatment will take a few days and you will have relief the painful blisters as they dry up and stop burning and itching.

With all natural and effectual strategies, you need to nourish and restore your immune system so as to prevent further herpes outbreaks and keep you healthier. The strong immune system keeps your body protected.

You detoxify your body too as it will not only help you eliminate herpes but also it will help you stay from headaches, fatigue and digestive issues without using any medicines.


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