Tips for Correct Use of Denture Adhesives


In the case of loss of partial or full teeth, one of the possible solutions is to go for the removable dentures. The correct use of these bring the original shape and function of teeth back and allow proper chewing and strength to the bite.

Cleaning and maintenance of dentures are critical steps to learn prior to the use of any of the types of denture adhesives on the market, either in form of cream, powder or strips.

The use of denture adhesive cream helps in the maintenance of gums and the dentures themselves for the reason that it prevents the entry of food between the two surfaces aim to seal this bond. In addition, it makes a pad that guards the gum and mucosa from any possible denture rubbing. The creams also help to better adapt the teeth to the mouth, even when they do not fit perfectly, giving a greater bite and chewing force.

They make sure the position of the denture and prevent any sort of irritating and undesirable movements. For this reason, the usage of denture adhesive allows the eating of hard foods which otherwise would be discarded from the daily diet.

It is indispensable to correctly use this kind of adhesive cream for dentures and the first step is to wash and dry the dental prosthesis with warm water.

Subsequently, you have to remove the adhesive material remaining in the prosthesis so as to avoid in all cases scraping or mutilating the support surface of the prosthesis. This process should be done with warm water and a soft brush.

It is necessary to clean the epithelial tissue which supports the dentures of all other pre-adhesives such as saliva and food residue. Again, it is highly advisable points that you use warm water and a soft brush to clean this area inside the mouth.

As the next step, for 3 small portions with approximately 1cm should be placed on the front and back of the prosthesis, one on each side of the midline avoiding getting closer to the edges.

The thickness of adhesive applied will depend on the necessities of each person and influence the volume of material that fits between the dentures and the tissue on which it rests. Therefore, it is necessary to test first with little quantity and increase as needed to cover the space between surfaces.

Once the adhesive has been applied, it will be correctly placed in the mouth and pressed for about thirty seconds to ascertain adhesion. After this short period of time, it is necessary to wait 30 minutes to ingest hot beverages. You can check out the best denture adhesive here.


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