Tips for choosing yoga teacher training in Nepal


The land of Nepal can be anything. For adventure lovers, it is the trekking heaven with the highest mountain ranges. For beauty admirers, it is the town covered in snow with staggering rivers. For spiritualists, it is the home of Lord Buddha and the meditation capital. And, last but not the least, for the yoga wanderers it is the best place to walk the journey for evolving physically, mentally, and spiritually into a yoga practitioner and an instructor.

Unfold the science of consciousness, self-awareness, kindness– in the destination of natural scenery, profound serenity, and majesty, Nepal. The Valley of Pokhara with its yoga centers on the eastern shore enthralls the yogic paragon making it the ideal location for yoga teacher training in Nepal. Here are the useful tips for the interested candidates willing to undergo the 200 hour yoga teacher training in Nepal:


  1. Global Validation: The Yoga Alliance USA and Yoga Alliance International is the central community providing a global certification of authenticity, quality, and integrity to the yoga schools. So, the yoga enthusiasts wishing to undertake the yogic study in the beautiful town of Nepal must ensure that their school is certified with these two portals. Reputed schools offer Yoga Alliance certified courses upon the successful completion of the program recognizing you as professional yoga teacher across the globe. Yoga Alliance certification is a medal for the yoga teachers expressing their sincerity towards the science and the community.
  2. Certified Curriculum: It is through the in-depth yoga learning that the students evolve into practitioners and teachers with strong skills and knowledge pertaining to the science of yoga. And, a Yoga Alliance approved curriculum ensures that the students are entrenched with detailed, physical, mental, and spiritual yoga knowledge and practices. The curriculum of yoga teacher training in Nepal is kept diverse, intriguing, and holistic by the reputed schools of the land truly guiding the students on the path of enlightenment and contentment of the body, mind, and soul.


  1. The Teacher Faculty: Let the proficient and experienced yoga instructors light your path with the wisdom of Yoga, values, and traditions helping you live a life of dignity and welfare. The renowned yoga schools have skilled teachers and well-regarded figures for guiding and inspiring the students throughout the journey as well as after the completion of the yoga expedition. Before enrolling in yoga school in the land of Nepal for yoga teacher training courses, learn about the respective teacher faculty, the profile, experience, and so much more for optimal results.
  2. Accommodation and Food: We all crave for a comfortable space where we can truly relax and be ourselves. A home in the surroundings blessed immensely by nature, a balcony giving away the soothing glimpses of the town, a cozy room and an abode that is homely, safe, and peaceful. In case of yoga teacher training programs, opt for schools offering accommodation with basic facilities so you can focus on the training without external concerns. When it comes to the food, delicacies rich in nutrients and taste served three times a day are vital for the wellness of the body and mind. Enroll in a highly-reviewed school for 200 hour Yoga TTC in Nepal that truly lives up to your expectation for food and accommodation facility.


  1. Excursions and Adventures: Following the intensive yoga teacher training schedule can be taxing on the overall health. To ensure that the student completes their yogic journey with dedication and enjoyment, the rigorous demands are balanced out with fun-filled activities and interesting excursions by the certified yoga schools.

Let your chance of exploring the mesmeric land of Nepal and the divine science of yoga be fulfilling and as expected.


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