9 Questions to Ask Before Finalizing a Pediatrician for Your Kid



It doesn’t matter, whether you’re a first time parent or have welcomed your second child in your family – finding a recommendable and trustworthy pediatrician in Charlotte is a daunting task. Nobody can deny the importance of choosing the best pediatricians who is reliable enough to take care of your fragile little ones.

With so many pediatricians working in Charlotte, selecting the best one become a more daunting task. Hence, start with short listing at least 5 of them based on the recommendations provided by your social circle and online information. You should have a good knowledge of the pediatrician’s background and training as well as his experience and expertise in the field.

The below enlisted list of questions will guide you through the right path to find the best pediatrician in Charlotte, for your little angel:


  1. What medical school has the pediatrician gone through and what kind of specialization he had opted for? Did he complete his post graduation and had proper residency training while his education?
  2. What kinds of amenities/facilities available in the hospital? In case, your child needs to be hospitalized now, would he/she be able to get a comfortable environment in the hospital?
  3. Is the location of your chosen pediatrics’ office convenient for you? Would you be able to travel there in peak hours and during the weekdays in reasonable time?
  4. If you are a working parent, you should also take a look of their office hours – to confirm, if you would be able to adjust meeting with the pediatricians without affecting your work schedule.
  5. Does the doctor work in a group with other pediatricians and would they be replacing the pediatricians in the mid of a treatment?
  6. Is the doctor taking genuine interest in your child’s medical issues and does s/he have a concrete treatment plan for the particular disease or disorder your child is suffering with?
  7. Is the office staff cordial and friendly enough for your kid to feel comfortable and taken care of?
  8. How do they deal with emergency cases and are you able to get an appointment on short basis if something unpleasant happens.
  9. Last but simply not the least, what is their fee structure? Although, the money factor doesn’t matter much, when it’s about the health of your kid; yet, there isn’t any point in wasting money on superficial charges rather than getting a good health care for your kid. Hence, make sure that you understand their fee structure and you know what you’re paying for and what to expect in return.


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