Nasal and Ear Hair Grooming for Men


Hair can at times grow in funky areas including the nose and the ears, especially in men. It is a natural life cycle for most men as a result of a lifetime exposure to testosterone, a male-dominant hormone which causes hair follicles in the nose, ears and brows to lengthen beyond the normal size. This creates bushes of hairs that pops out of the ears, nostrils as well us make the eyebrows look shaggy and untamed.

Though there is not much you can do to stop these hairs from growing, you can always keep them under control through regular grooming and maintenance. This is vital as people will always notice protruding hair strands from the ears or the nose and it can really be an embarrassing moment for you. You may have tried to remove the eyebrow, nose or ear hairs using beard trimmers or tweezers and this turned to be too painful and unfruitful. To achieve the best results, hairclippersclub grooming experts recommend use of the right tools for each task. Using the right tools is also vital to avoid messing up with your handsome face and also makes your grooming experiences easy and painless.

Ear and Nasal Hair Grooming Options

There are many ways to get rid of your overgrown hairs in your nose or ears but each alternative has its benefits and the downside. These options include:

  1. Waxing Method – Some men prefer waxing nose and ear hair due to the fact that it plucks the hair out from the root which means, hair will take time to grow. This involves sticking your nose or ear up with some wax and then jerk it out. Though the method leaves your nose or ear smooth, it is extremely painful and not recommended by most professional groomers as it removes all the hairs leaving some minor injuries which may expose you to infections.

Why You Should Not Remove All the Ear and Nasal Hair

The hair in the nose and ears is not misplaced or growing by mistake. It is natural body defence mechanism which serves as a trap for dust, toxins and other air pollutants to protect your body from infections. Waxing removes all the hairs leaving you unprotected and leaving the skin more vulnerable to infections. The goal of nose and ear trimming is always to reduce the overgrown strands but not to completely remove them.

  1. Ear and Nose Grooming Scissors – Ear and nasal hair trimming scissors are designed with special rounded-tip blades to prevent hurting the delicate nose or ear tissues. They are highly affordable and easy to use and control. The scissors can also be used for beard, eyebrow or moustache trimming. The disadvantage of using scissors is that you will take a longer time to get the work done and you might trim more than required especially when trimming the ears which are hard to see even using a mirror.
  2. Manual Trimmers – You can also go for a manual nose and ear trimmers such as Groom Mate. This specific model uses a circular clipper to trim hairs by just sticking the device in the ear or nose and turn the knob at the bottom. The manual trimmers are also affordable and require no battery to get the work done. Learning how to effectively use the manual trimmers is a process but once you know the basics, you are ready to go. It is also important to clean the trimmer after use by brushing off hairs sticking of the blades.
  3. Electric Nose and Ear Hair Trimmers – Electric nose and nose trimmers are more efficient, easy to use and get the job done faster than manual trimmers. There is no fear of pinching or plucking the hair as you only need to switch the trimmer on, stick it to the nose or ear and within a few minutes you have your ear or nose clean. There are a variety of electric trimmers some of which are designed to serve multiple functions such as eyebrows, sideburns, neck, beard and moustache trimming. Eyebrow grooming can also be a big plus for your appearance as it harmonises your facial features and brings out your personality. Having a tool that can trim your nose, ear and also eyebrow can be very beneficial for that matter. However, electric trimmers produce a discomfort through tickling and vibration but you can get used to this as it is a matter of less than 10 minutes.

Choose the right grooming options that makes your grooming experience more comfortable and enjoyable. If you need help when choosing the right tools, you can always consult your local professional groomer.


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