Things Mothers Should Consider While Choosing a Lactation Consultant


Being a mother for the first time is the most amazing feeling that a woman gets in her life. The smile that starts with the first look of the baby never leaves the face of the mother.

The happiness gets doubled when you have someone to help you with the various responsibilities. The most important responsibility is breastfeeding your child. The process is a bit crucial for the first timers and requires extreme care. A breastfeeding lactation consultant can assist you with the process and also explain the benefits if breastfeeding your child. With their help, you can create a strong bond with your baby his or her initial months. Eventually, the mother master all the techniques and things become easier after that.

While choosing a lactation consultant, you can use the following points to get the most appropriate professional.

  1. Planning before the deliver

Your husband can help you in making the list of all the possible options. The names are easily found on the internet. However, one can also get the assistance of a hospital to find reputable professionals. After preparing the list, you need to start meeting these people. You can write down all the questions that you want to ask, before going to the meeting.

  1. The experience of the professional

The experience matters the most here. The more years she has given to this job, the better she understands the needs and wants of a mother and child. Hence, make sure that the person you are selecting, has been in the practice for a very long time.

  1. The qualification

The person should have the qualification in breastfeeding assistance. A certified lactation consultant is the only way to ensure that your child and you will get the proper support. Hence, it is better to avoid choosing the ones who don’t have the right credentials to help you.

  1. The reference from other parents

Talk to the parents who have had the assistance of a particular professional. It will provide you all the necessary things that you need to know about the expert. You can also get in touch with your friends who have had this assistance and ask for help in the selection process.

  1. The proper attention

Make sure that the professional is going to provide the assistance personally. Sometimes they send their juniors to do the job. You want to get what you are paying for right! So, make it clear in the first place that you need the full personal attention of the professional.

  1. The fees

Clear all the cost related points with the professional, so that, there would not be any surprise extra charges in the future. Also, make sure that the services and timings you want are covered in the fees you have decided.

Finally, enjoy your sessions and improve your skills of feeding your child. Hopefully, these tips would help you in finding the right consultant, and you will be able to resolve all the concerns regarding the breastfeeding.


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