Is Protein Diet Effective for Health & Weight Loss?


Excessive meetings or a comforting vacation may become a reason for you to gain some extra kilos and you would surely want to get rid of those extra kilos as soon as possible.

If it is 1 to 3 kilos, there is no reason to worry much as you can lose them without making a great deal of efforts. You may not need to follow a protein diet as avoiding pasta dishes, bread and soda and have occasional walk for a few days can help you have a flat stomach again.

If you follow a protein diet to lose weight about 3 to 5 kilos in a week, it is very possible to gain weight again because of the rebound effect. The issue becomes serious or worrisome when those few kilos add a few dozen kilos you brought before the holidays. Now it is a matter of making a decision and you should no longer be tempted with some chocolates or other dishes; now in order to burn fat, you have to make efforts and take it seriously.

If you are overweight and doctors have recommended you to lose weight, you have to take it seriously and pay attention to the benefits that you will gain at the expense of avoiding a few meals for some time.

The truth is that protein diets can make you lose weight more than 10 kilos in a short time, but you have to follow every step carefully. Otherwise you will not achieve the proposed kilos for slimming and you may even gain weight as a result of rebound effect.

Why do Protein Diets Work?

The first source of energy of the body is carbohydrates. When brain notes that we aren’t getting enough, it starts to deplete energy reserves stored in the muscles and liver. It is, at that moment, when we begin to burn fat, all accumulated fat from our body literally begins to disappear.

Should You Stop Eating?

So as to lose weight, you have to stop eating certain types of food for a while.

Are We Talking of Hunger?

No, we aren’t. When talking about weight loss, it is not about starving but to choose what you eat at all times of the day. The effort is basically about forgetting about two months eating those foods that might be the ones you like most.

What may cause you some anxiety or desire to eat some food is associated with carbohydrates. But you have to be strong because those bad effects happen on the later stage and the benefits are really worth.

Phases of a Protein Diet

The protein weight loss diets are composed of 5 phases. The first one is the most restrictive and more motivating as it loses 80% of weight.

From the second phase, you are introduced to different types of foods forbidden in the first stage.

Achieving weight loss along with food re-education aims to prevent the rebound effect. Once you have achieved your ideal weight, you have to follow some rules of maintenance and monitoring for at least two years.

In conclusion, the protein diets are suitable only for the people who want to lose 10 kilos at least. Follow a protein diet and now enjoy your good health.


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