Hazardous Effects of Alcohol Consumption in Type 2 Diabetes


If you are a diabetes type 2 patient, you might know very well about the role of carbs in your diet that what and when you should eat and what you must avoid. You might have also learnt the importance of protein as each macronutrient is believed to be vital for gaining optimal health. Now the question is “Have you ever thought about the dangerous effects of alcohol in your body especially when you are a diabetes patient?

Why Should You Avoid Alcohol?

Doctors said that the consumption of alcohol can be quite devastating for pancreas but a large number of people who are living with diabetes have got addicted of it which might be due to the reports of various studies which show that there is a clear connection between consumption of red wine and healthy heart. The consumption of alcohol is never considered as healthy drink for body. In fact, it leaves negative impact on human body and increases the number of calories you consume every day. Therefore, one must understand how alcohol works dangerously for your body especially when you are a diabetic patient.


Excessive consumption of alcohol can cause you to get anxiety and depression which is said to be very common in diabetes type 2 patients. Therefore, if you drinks lots of alcohol, it will worsen your problem which means you are yourself making your life worse.

Drink More Eat More

The second problem associated with alcohol is that when you drink too much of it, you begin feeling hungry and to satisfy your hunger, you eat more which kicks you out of your dieting regimen. Now as a diabetes patient, you know very well that how careful you have to be about your diet to keep blood sugar under control.

Lower Levels of Blood Sugar

The third reason for which you are advised to stay away from heavy consumption of alcohol is that it can make blood sugar levels lower. In this particular case, you will see that you can get the bad effects of alcohol even after twenty four hours of its consumption.

Loss of Coordination

There is no doubt that the alcohol badly effects human brain as it can break coordination and make reflexes slower. When someone gets suffered with nerve damages during diabetes type 2, the effects of alcohol can make the condition even worse and the impairment may cause very serious problems such as injuries, memory loss, distorted vision and poor judgment etc.

Though, heavy consumption of alcohol can be extremely dangerous, you can still take one drink per day if you can’t stop yourself and your diabetes has not got too bad. Limiting the amount will also limit the risks of heart related issues. Also remember that drinking with an empty stomach can be even more dangerous and therefore, you should always eat something before you drink. Whatever you eat or drink, it is highly advised to consult with your doctor so you can avoid further complications.


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