Discover 3 Options to Remove Skin Tags


Skin tags are very disturbing for your looks and confidence as these spots are unattractive, particularly when you get a lot of them. You can remove skin tags with a variety of methods. To remove a skin tag, first of all, you need to ensure that you are actually having skin tags and not some other serious growth like cancerous skin tags. The natural treatments for removing skin tags are very helpful and provide detailed knowledge to diagnose the nature of your skin tags. They also provides you with the best step-by-step prices using natural products only.

Here is the information on how to remove skin tag through different methods.

  • Medical treatment such as surgical methods
  • Home remedies using unnatural products
  • Home remedies using natural products

Medical Treatment

If you want to know how to remove skin tags with medical treatment, your answer is surgical method. There are a couple of options for surgical method.

In first process, the surgeon will take a pair of sterile scissors or a scalpel and remove them from the body at the point where the connection is narrowest and it takes a few seconds. Pain relief is usually not required. There are few side effects involved in this type of removal, the most worrisome effect is the scar left in result of this surgical method.

In the second process, a surgeon may freeze it by using liquid nitrogen, but this process should be operated by a specialist only because it can damage health of your skin and even skin tag itself. There is also a disadvantage that process may be very expensive.

While you are looking for a quick removal method, people are often misguided provided with information to go for surgical methods. Surgical method is itself very quick and takes just a few minutes, but the whole procedure is tiresome and irritating. At first, you have to find a good dermatologist, then getting first appointment and then date for surgery can be very annoying and time-taking.

Home Remedies with Unnatural Products

You can also remove a skin tag using some fingernail polish. You completely cover the tag with it twice a day. As the fingernail polish starts to dry out, the skin tag will start shrinking and then disappear within two weeks.

Another more harsh way of removing skin tags is to use disinfected scissors or a pair of disinfected nail clippers to cut them off. Apply a good amount of rubbing alcohol to the skin tag and to the scissors or nail clippers and then snip the tag from the base. You apply some peroxide to stop bleeding.

You can remove a skin tag with a duct tape. Use a piece of duct tape, cover it, leave it taped and when the tape starts loosening, check out to see the state of skin tag if it is falling. If it is still holding, you replace the duct tape and wait again.

Home Remedies with Unnatural Products

  • You can use number of fruits and vegetables like banana peels, grapefruit, onion paste or juice, garlic paste and potato to remove skin tag.
  • The herbs like bloodroot, celandine, dermisil and dandelion are very useful, easy and effective.
  • Baking Soda and castor oil are some other natural products which can be used to remove skin tags.

Using natural products to remove skin tag is your best option. The benefits of trying natural methods to remove skin tags are that the ingredients are simple, inexpensive and easy available, and there are no side effects. Although it will take longer, it will also save you considerable sum of money. It means that you can do this in your own time without having to worry about getting a doctor’s appointment.


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