Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Diagnosis of Snoring


Are you feeling uncomfortable these days due to unrest at night? Maybe your life partner is a big reason. No doubt where a good sleeping habit helps us to improve our health standard, in the same way, poor sleep may lead us to bad health conditions. So one should not ignore the other side of the mirror. Snoring is also among those habits that cause sleeping disorders. No doubt that men and women both snore at night. But according to a survey, majority of men found indulged in this habit.

Definition of Snoring

Snoring is a loud sound produced by a person through vibration of his/her lose muscles in the upper nasal airway. It happens due to the hurdle faced by the air flow in its way that makes the inner nose muscles vibrate and become the big cause of snoring. So don’t be embarrassed if you are caught by the habit because it is not any kind of serious disease and you can stop it by getting some proper treatment.

Causes of Snoring

There are some factors which lead a person to the habit of snoring at night. A person, who is in the habit of over-eating and do not like to take part in the physical activities, snores at night. Access habit of drinking alcohol and abundant use of drugs including sleeping peels and over smoking may become its cause. A bad posture of sleeping can block the air passage through the nasal area can create snoring noise. Narrow nostrils and unhygienic habits of life and some diseases can cause snoring. Due to the growing age, this habit can develop in a person because of the narrow nasal muscles.

Symptoms of Snoring

Snoring makes a loud sound during the sleeping period. It happens due to the vibration of inner nostrils muscle and upper mouth vibrating muscles. Sometimes the noise is so high, but sometimes it is quite low and it depends on the severity of vibration. It is also said that “sleep apnea” that is a kind of sleeping disorder. In this situation, a person stops breathing just for a second and then starts breathing again. This circle continues permanently and becomes the big cause of snoring.

Diagnosis of Snoring

By visiting a doctor, you can get your disease diagnosed. Your doctor may ask for your eating habits whether you drink alcohol abundantly or smoke. It can be also be related to your day time activities as how much you work all day long. May be you have some kind of allergy, stuffy nose and narrow nasal organs. The doctor may also ask about the throat, dental, mouth or jaw relating issue.

Problems Caused by Snoring

If your life partner or your family member is angry with you and remain in stress all the day long, think about it. May be he or she is upset due to your habit of snoring at sleeping hours and this can make your relation worse. It can be sleep apnea (a sleeping problem in which you stop inhaling with short intervals).


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