How to Control Hair Fall Effectively


Hair fall can be described as the process by which an individual loses strands of hair while sleeping, combing and even washing. A number of reasons can be attributed to hair fall in both men and women but more pronounced in women than men. Thus the need to device ways on how to control hair falls.

The hair follicle is responsible for hair production. A number of factors that may result to imbalance of hormones such as improper diet which will result to deterred growth which results to hair fall. By all means, one should ensure the proper function of the follicles by constantly stimulating it in order to control hair fall. Stimulation can be done using hot oil massage. Use lukewarm oils such as mustard oil to gently massage and scrap using a comb. By doing so, increased blood flow is ensured and thus avoiding hair loss conditions. It is advisable to do this three to four times per week and to ensure perfect results apply the oil approximately 5 hours before rinsing it off.

Methods to control hair fall can be achieved as per the main cause of the fall for instance, if it is caused by stress, then avoid it at all costs. Any form of avoiding stress can do the magic and anyone can bet there are lots of ways to avoid stress some of which are massaging and staying away from situation that can lead to stress. An added advantage of avoiding stress is to counter the graying of hair.

Eating healthy is always a sure way of living healthy and a healthy body means perfect follicles and thus control hair fall. Seafood is recommended and lots of proteins to enhance hair growth. Peanuts are a perfect food for the hair and should be used regularly along with calcium rich diets as well as iron. The best sources of those nutrients are spinach or even food supplements from the chemist. A rule of the thumb is to eat a well-balanced diet and your hair will be lustrous.

Simple problems call for simple solutions. Critical analysis of hair loss can be classified as a simple problem. An easier remedy is doing exercises daily to improve blood flow and circulation to the hair zones. Plenty blood supply goes a long way in restoring and replacing of lost tissues hence control hair fall. A morning run sit-ups and a bit of stretching should be done on daily basis and the results will show up in no time.

Lifestyle is a great determinant for many ailments or wellbeing. It is always a good practice to put on check what you eat, drink, think and general activities as it will account for the end condition of your body. To control hair fall, avoid intake of alcohol since liquor tempers with uptake of some nutrients as well as hindering proper blood flow. The same effect is experienced with smoking persons thus implying that smoking should be avoided. Though it seems insignificant, good sleep is good for your health. Another habit to avoid is the uptake of stimulants such as coffee and tea that has an effect on the ions and some nutrients.

Home remedies to prevent the nightmare are numerous and easy. A neem leave paste is fit for restoring PH of the scalp. It is used while washing the hair along with vinegar for zenith results. Coriander juice can also be used as a washing solution to offer the same results as gram flour and curd paste. Another famous and very effective homemade treatment is olive oil, honey and cinnamon mixture to be used while cleaning.

Self-discipline is called for while carrying on all the above remedies since they demand effort and sacrifice. One outstanding fact in this process control hair fall is proper lifestyle and general healthy living. It has been done and it can be done all you need is the will and your lustrous hair will be back before you know it.


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