Is Choice of a Female Gynecologist a Better Option?


Who is a gynecologist? Is your choice of the best gynecologist on the right track? They are considered to be specialists who are embedded with medical and technical knowledge than your general practitioner. They can go on to diagnose any potential problems which may save you a lot of time as well as effort. Another important aspect in the search of the best gynecologist is determined by the fact whether you want a male or a female one. This is one of the most important decisions which you have to make, as you need to be comfortable during the course of your medical examinations. When you are about to make such a decision you need to understand the various advantages of both the male and the female gynecologist. There is no way denying the fact that both of them are competent and have relevant experience in this domain irrespective of their sex.

Now let us consider the advantages which a female gynecologist offer than their male counterparts.

  • The exam with a female gynecologist is less awkward than a male gynecologist- it is a common feeling that women tend to feel more comfortable in the company of females during routine examinations. They do feel shy when it comes to exposing their private parts to a male even if he is the medical profession. Women who have been victims of sexual abuse in the past are more comfortable in dealing with male gynecologists.
  • Women doctors give a patient hearing to their problems- it is indeed important that the doctor listens to each and every query and gives a reply to them. During this stage, it is quite natural that you may have a host of doubts. A study proves the fact that women doctors tend to spend more time with patients than their opposite numbers. Once again this is a subjective discussion and you do not base any of your decisions on these facts
  • It is assumed that women tend to show a certain degree of empathy to problems of females than their male counterparts. They are likely to emphasize all the more because they share the same set of organs and go through the same pains and aches. They can provide special insight into the problems of the patients and then suggest the best course of treatment. It is indeed a comfort factor that someone who is treating you is fully aware of your problems.
  • The female gynecologists are more gentle when it comes to physical examination- if a female doctor has been a part and parcel of a gynecology exam, then she is aware of your mindset and will conduct the examination in a gentle manner. She will pretty much understand the fact that you are half-naked in a cold room under the exposure of bright lights
  • Some problems can only be discussed with a female gynecologist- some women are uncomfortable in discussing problems of a sexual nature with a male gynecologist and this is one of the main reasons why they end to prepare female gynecologists. There are some sensitive topics, discharge of fluid from the vagina, sexually transmitted diseases, etc. These are topics which are better said and avoided with a male doctor and it is an important consideration that you need to have a full disclosure with the doctor.
  • The insurance costs will only cover the cost of hospitalization and will not cover the routine tests and scans which are part of the process. So, find out whether your insurance policy covers the hospital which you are part of.

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