Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis of Tinnitus


Because of unawareness about different diseases, there are many situations and health complications which we consider that they are diseases. But some human situations are just perceptions of human mind like tinnitus (A Latin word which means ringing); it is not a disease, but it is a state of mind for a short period in which someone feels sounds ringing in ears, but in the reality, the sound do not exist. In this condition, a person feels ringing and swishing in one or both ears. It has generally two types as the first is ‘Objective Tinnitus’ in which a person who listens the noise also heard by the other person. The main cause described for it is the internal ear problems and contraction of ear muscles continuously. A doctor will also feel this condition in the patient. It is strange thing that a doctor can feel it with the help of stethoscope and the second is ‘Subjective Tinnitus’ in which only affected person can hear the sounds.

Causes of Tinnitus

There are some circumstances that can become its major reasons. Although it is not a harmful situation, it can be the sign of external noise and age related hearing loss problem due to some injury or permanent existing of high noise in surrounding, blood circulatory problems due to blood vessel disorder, unhygienic conditions of ear (earwax blockage in ear), and continuously increasing pressure of fluid in brain or spinal cord. Some people relate it to the nuisance as well.

Who suffers from tinnitus?

Individuals who permanently work in the noisy environment may have the great risk of suffering from it. Like some people who work permanently in mills, garment factories, join the traffic police or like to listen to music at high volume for a long time in their day hours may suffer from it.

Symptoms of Tinnitus

Tinnitus can take place at any age, but generally people who reach at the age of 60 or above feel it abundantly and it can affect single or both ears. In this condition if there is not an actual sound, a person feels great disorder in its presence. People who remain permanently in noisy conditions may suffer from it. A person feels pain in ear, dizziness, nuisance or permanent light headache.

Diagnosis of Tinnitus

There is no proper diagnosis available, but a doctor can suggest some procedure to diagnose it properly. X-rays and CT scan can suggest inquiring the possible reasons or defects present in ear. In some severe cases, it has been observed to do a surgery that will provide relief from it; it can be possible by dividing the auditory nerve. Mostly people prefer to take rest in some severe conditions or do yoga and meditation instead of contacting a doctor.

Doctor using otoscope to look in a senior man's ears.  Closeup on white.  Focus on doctor.

It is a common problem in people who live in big and populated city environment. A survey report describes that approximately 45 million people are suffering from tinnitus in USA. Someone can reduce the risks of tinnitus by having some precautions. For example, do not stay too long at noisy places or rather try to avoid noise, use ear plugs where it is necessary and avoid using cotton swabs to clean earwax as it will push wax to the inner parts of ear. Like that some simple measures can decrease the risks of tinnitus.


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