Causes, Symptoms & Diagnosis of Fibroids


A benign tumor generally composed of tuberous and muscular tissues that occur in the wall of uterus and are responsible of heavy menstruation in women are called fibroids. These are non-cancerous tumors that are classified by their location. About 30% of the women are affected by this disease. Most of the fibroids are asymptomatic and they cause heavy and painful menstruation, painful sexual intercourse, urinary frequency and urgency.

Research shows that in United States of America, the symptoms caused by uterine fibroids are very frequent and clear indication for hysterectomy. These development of the muscles and connective tissues of the uterus generally grow gradually and can occur inside uterine cavity or outside surface of uterus. In the age of reproduction, these are likely to occur in 20 to 50 percent of women. This tumor can remain unchanged for many years with a very little or no change.

Causes & Symptoms of Fibroids

The most common symptoms that women experience can be;

  • More than normal bleeding during and between the periods due to blockage caused by fibroids in and around the uterus.
  • Severe pain during periods which is a common complain from women; it depends on size and location of this non-cancerous tumor. The severity of pain can lead to have a feeling of un-wellness and fever.
  • Some cases are reported where fibroids create pressure when they are enlarged. This internal pressure causes to expand the distance between the uterus and abdomen.
  • These tumors may cause to swell up or inflate during menstrual periods in your abdomen part that can make you look pregnant.
  • Pain during intimidation of sexual signals is a big and one of the most common signs of this condition and it depends on its size and location.


A visit to the doctor is required if you are experiencing any one of the above signs. An examination called hysteroscopy is a quick procedure for its diagnosis or you will have to go for ultrasound, it will be noticed in form of diffuse thickening of the uterus wall and fibroids are visible in form of round circles with discrete border. The other way of diagnosis is MRI Scan that can also provide excellent pictures of this uterus disorder, especially when it is in larger area of uterus. Sometimes Adenomyosis is mixed with fibroids and create a big confusion where MRI performs well to distinguish between the both.

Health, Social & Psychological Issues

There are a lot of women facing problems due to fibroids. One of them is infertility after going through the treatment procedures. Their whole reproductive process is disturbed and as a result, women experience miscarriage which is the most devastating thing for women. Such women, then, remain depressed facing further psychological issues. The pain and discomfort from fibroids badly affects their emotions and it sometime may result in misunderstandings in their relation with their spouse.


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