What are the Best Ways to Straighten Hair?


If you have curly hair, you surely know how difficult it is to keep your hair under control and you have to use a number of tools and products to keep hair straight such as gels, balms, straightening irons, blow dryers, etc. Most of the girls with curly hair have to face lots of problems and they really want to get rid of it because there are lots of benefits of having straight hair as most of people like straight hair.

This is the reason why girls try to find the best ways to use and they use different strategies, however, it is not always possible that everything you use must work. Sometimes you are given advice which damage your hair and spoil your stylish look. Therefore, you should always try to find the best way to straighten curly hair.

Removing Excessive Moisture

The best time to start treatment is when your hair is freshly conditioned and you just had shower. Don’t dry your hair but let them wet and instead of using a towel, you should squeeze out hair to spill out the excess moisture and then comb gently with a wide toothed comb which will help you remove tangles if you have. At this point, if you use a leave-in-conditioner in a little amount, it is fine, but you should never try to overuse any product.

Using Silicone-Based Serum

After you have removed all the excess moisture, apply a little amount of silicone-based serum lightly all over your hair. Here is the same rule you have to follow again and that is not to overuse anything. The best way to straighten natural hair is to use the best products which are available at market, but you have to do a little more research to find the best. If you need a reference, you can use John Frieda’s Frizz Ease Hair Serum or Citre Shine Fresh Fusion Polishing Serum which both are considered to work perfectly. Hair experts also suggest using heat protection sprays which work well.

Pinning Up Sections

Once the serum application is done, you should divide your hair into sections for which you can use pins, clips, large hair clip, bobby pins or scrunchie. Many girls wonder why they need to do this and many of them think if it is unnecessary; well, there is a logic behind it and when you divide your thick hair into various sections, you can do straightening very easily without damaging your hair. It helps you prevent frizz and puffiness and provide you with the fastest way to straighten hair.

Blowing Hair Dry

Once the pinning up process is done, you need to blow them dry for which you should hold small sections of about 1″ by using round brush to blow down dryer while setting it at medium-heating level approximately 6 inches away from the particular hair section.

When all of the hair gets properly blown to dry, they are left with frizz-free locks and straight. Sometimes you have to use straightening iron one more time in different sections, but it usually depends upon the curliness and coarseness. Most of the people prefer using ceramic irons.


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