Why Should You Avoid Intimate Relationships With Your Partner In Herpes?


If you think that your partner has herpes, you will always be thinking not to get closer to that one even though this person is your life partner. It usually happens with people who have this type of infection that problems may occur that their husband and wife can’t have intimate relations.

1. Viral Infection

There are several studies and explorations on this condition what show that herpes is a sexually transmitted infection which can affect others too. Many sexologists and experts recommend couple not to go all the way till the complete relief.

2. How much to wait?

To have complete satisfying relations with your partner, it is better to wait for about 15 to 20 days for the reason that the stages of herpes are more than 6 and they take time to go away. It is said that if anyone of you are having genitals infection, the infection can be more dangerous when there is a sexual activity.

3. You did not have herpes in past!

This problem is also due to getting off with a person who you did not know, actually when you meet new people, you are cheated. How? Some young are infected, they do not disclose what they have and after days you see your genitals turning red, having bumps with prickly irritation.

4. Long-Lasting Disease

Even though herpes is a contagious and long-lasting illness, which can be treated, it is proven that for a short while this condition can be no further. Secondly, its germs are here that can hit person at any age of life. Here you are not threatened to keep sex off for good since when infection is active, you are have to avoid sex.

The specialists can give you better ideas such as sexologist and gynecologist.

1. Sexologist

When there is much craze of playing with your partner, it is a very good sing of real live to be free of lots of social and official tensions. Here you need to pay attention to sexologist to get unique tips for makingthese moments more memorable. Seeing this person will also be really goodin order to avoid complication of herpes.

2. Gynecologist

When it is a question of conjugal life, there is necessity to take several effective tips from gynecologist since these types of suggestions are helpful to have long relations with your partner. Make sure if you are a lady, the gynecologist is the right person to guide you properly.


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