7 Useful Tips to Improve Eyes Vision


Eyes are the most important gift given to human being. They are the only source to look, watch, glance and judge the things and persons, but they are the most sensitive organ of body as well. At whatever time, someone has eye problem means that things are blurred hazy and he/she can’t focus on it.

Sometimes, he/she has headache, tiredness of eyes and weak eyes can’t enjoy the sceneries and weather without glasses. You don’t feel good when you have bad eyesight. It happens sometimes that you don’t want to wear goggles for the reason it doesn’t clash upon you. By taking a look at this short article you are shown 7 tips to have healthy eyes.

1 – Checking Eyes before You Repent

If your child goes to school, you must ask that one how he/she feels while focusing on smart board or white board. You should take him/her to oculist for checking eyes. At the early stage it can be controlled, but after a few time it can’t be overcome.

2 – Foods in Your Stomach for Best Eyes

For having healthy eyes you must eat right foods; use dark green vegetables which are rich protein to make your eyes healthy. Some fishes are also important such as tuna, halibut and salmon. Eating carrots is also effective to make your eyesight good.

3 – Stay Away from Smoking

If you can’t stay away from smoking, it will cause you blindness and little by little you will see negative factor on eyes. According to the latest research, it has been understood that tobacco and smoking can be a cause to collapse your eyesight while damaging your optic nerve.

4 – Wear Sunglasses if Bathing in Sun

It has been known a gorgeous fashion thing to wear sunglasses; one more thing is there when they do a good job for the purpose of protecting your eyes. If there are ultraviolet rays from sun then sunglasses play an important role to save your eyes.

5 – Obesity = Damaging Eyesight

Whenever someone is getting fat having flabby body, he/she can face diabetes disease which can be a cause of losing your perfect eyesight. If you are getting fat, you must consult with your doctor in order to be free of this, otherwise you won’t have proper vision.

6 – Try not Overwork with Eyes

Well, these days computer is like a breath of people that we can’t get rid of this and that may make eyesight bad if we don’t follow the exact ways. Keep in mind, when you work on computer you should have a short break to see on your feet for half minute after each other 10 minutes, but in this half minute you should enjoy your life not think about here and there.

7 – Hand Rubbing Exercise

Your eyes require exercise, rub your both palm until they become warm and put your palms on your eyes for 10 seconds. As a consequence, you will have good result in no time. Moreover, this practice is very common.


When you opt for these tips, your eyes will have good vision and you would enjoy glorious moment of your life. It is really very important to go to oculist.


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