7 Amazing Home Yoga Tips for Beginners


Everyone around you seems to be in the midst of the yoga craze whether they are common
people or celebrities. Even outdoor Exercises are also in trend as it gear up people to a new
level of energy.

Do you also want to be a part of yoga craze but are unsure how to begin.
Let’s start by telling you that yoga literally, means “union.” It is the journey to unite and align
your body and mind. It is not, therefore, only for those who are young, in shape or already
flexible. Yoga allows you to enjoy a peaceful state and be mindful of your breath and your state
of being by incorporating different poses and breathing techniques.
While dressing for yoga has become a fashion trend and some brands have become
synonymous with yoga, there is no need to put down hundreds of dollars on your outfit.
Comfortable clothing that is somewhat loose fitting is all you need. Some people simple wake
up and practice in their pajamas.

Most people purchase a non-slip mat to begin. Other props, accessories, and any equipment
can be added slowly as you progress with your routine.

Start now with 7 yoga tips for beginners to do at home.
1. Hire someone to teach you: If you want to learn the different poses, philosophies, and
techniques of Yoga, you need to hire a person who can instruct you on the proper way to
position your body in order to avoid any potential for injury. And with Apps like TagFi you
can easily find fitness instructors near you.

2. Early to rise: Yoga is best practiced when your mind is not yet distracted and your
outside world is quietest. Early morning hours have been found to be the ideal time to
reaching a true yoga state. Shut off your television, phone, and alarm to block out any
distractions. Go to a quiet space in your home. If morning is not your best time of day,
you can still reap great benefits from practicing yoga at any time that is convenient for

3. Don’t Eat But Drink: Exercising, breathing, and stretching on a full stomach can be
uncomfortable and cause digestive problems. Throughout the day, it is recommended to
drink water to flush toxins from your body that were released while doing yoga.

4. Seek your doctor’s advice: While yoga is a more gentle form of exercise on the body,
some people can injure themselves when trying to exceed their limits. Make sure you
and your yoga teacher know what these limitations are so that adjustments and
allowance can be made to accommodate your physical ailment. For example, if you
experienced knee problems, certain poses may stress the joints more than other poses.
A good yoga instructor can assist in a modification to meet your needs.

5. Go slow: Yoga postures should be slow, comfortable, and deliberate. Our everyday
lives are competitive, often exceeding our limits beyond what we are capable of
completing. Yoga reminds us to slow down and achieve balance at a pace set by our
body. Only complete a pose to your comfort level. As you continue with yoga, challenge
yourself to go ever so slightly beyond where you went the last time.

6. Identify your motivation: Before getting down on your mat, think of what it is you hope
to accomplish through yoga and what is your motive at that moment. For some it is
simply to gain flexibility and strength. For others, it is acceptance among peers or
quieting a relationship with a family member. And others, wish to heal either an ailment
or overcome a physical injury. Whatever is your personal motivation, center your mind
around that thought and begin the breaths and postures. Yoga helps teach us to be
present in a moment.

7. Enjoy the relaxed state of being: Upon completion of your yoga session, relish the
moment where you are conscious of your breath, the feeling of warmth throughout your
body, and the relaxed feeling you are experiencing. Try not to rush out and jump
immediately into your next daily task. Yoga is a gift to yourself and one that should be
enjoyed. Make sure to cool down, take a drink of water, and relish in the calm.
Whatever your goal, yoga takes time and patience. Know that you will not immediately find all
poses and postures easy. But with regular practice, you will begin to realize how yoga has benefited your body and mind.


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