5 Tips To Regulate Your Rest In The Gym


The rest between exercises in your workout at the gym is no light thing; it does not depend on you that you drop prematurely and can complete your routine without drawbacks. The key is to find a middle ground off as you neither relax too much nor too little; you commit a serious error when you perform the routines without rest between sets because the muscle fiber has a point of exhaustion, generally known as muscle failure, which is reached within the sets or after two or more. If you can perform more than one sets of the same exercise, muscle fiber must rest at least a few seconds to recover for the next round. Here I offer five tips to properly regulate your rest between sets.

1 – Rest

It seems obvious advice, but there are routines that recommend no rest between sets or a break of five or ten seconds. The muscle fiber needs to replenish its ability to act with at least one break of thirty or forty seconds. Divide your routine exercises with compound sets to perform a number of repetitions, generally between 8 and 12 and give time to recover muscle.

2 – Don’t Rest Too Much

You should not interpret the above advice as a call to make a set and go to walk or to talk with your training partners and resume workout after ten minutes. Do not let the muscle fibers lose the effect of work to which you are working for by making a long rest.

3 – Regulate Your Rest as Exercise Intensity

If you are working with a lightweight, a break of between thirty to forty seconds and one minute is more than enough; if you are working with a considerable weight, you should rest between one to two minutes. Do not lift too much weight that this may cause injury.

4 – Give Yourself Extra Rest If You Have Come To Muscular Failure!

Normally you should seek to reach the muscle failure in the last set, usually the third of three or four of four, but it may occur in the second or third set of an exercise and if it occurs in the first set, maybe you’re carrying inadequately high weight. If you find that you have come to failure and still have one more set to finish, rest between thirty seconds and a minute before starting the last set because muscle fibers are exhausted. If you do not, you may in the next set only preamp the repetitions partially.

5 – Switch Muscle Group with a Break between 3 and 4 Minutes

It may seem excessive, but if you are performing exercises within the same muscle group, you must allow the fibers to be replenished, and especially in the last repetition of the last set you have come to muscular failure. If you change your muscle group, remember to perform stretching before starting to exercise. Remember to take plenty of water and control your breathing as it privileges to all your safety and well being and for this very reason, you go to the gym.


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