5 Mundane Tips to Reset Stress Everyday


In our earthly lives, three things are constant: taxes, death, and stress. We experience stress every day, from simply being late at work to mountains of problems at home that seem impossible to subside.

The telltale physical signs of stress include atypical gain weight, poor sleep quality, sexual dysfunction, weakening hair and nails, etc. This has a lot to do with the adrenals not being properly shut off from “response” mode.

Naturally, our bodies are designed to handle short-term threats, with excessive ones having to take tolls on our body reserves.

If external stimuli keep on wreaking havoc on both your mind and body, your sympathetic nervous system may get stuck on adrenal overdrive.

Unmitigated stress can ultimately lead to depression and other debilitating illnesses. No one wants this to happen. One way to prevent stress from accumulating and progressing is to reset it every single night.

Here are five tips how:

#1: Embrace mistakes

I know that this is easier said than done, particularly for narcissistic individuals, but remember that perfectionism is the primary cause of unnecessary stress.

It’s soul-damaging, because you’re not allowing yourself adequate room for error or improvements. It’s like having a black and white vision, where no middle ground can be established.

Instead of sulking, make a concerted effort to treat mistakes as opportunities to further your skills. You can never move on without letting go of that baggage.

#2: Put a premium on “me” time

On an infographic published by Happify Daily, some five reasons why you need time for yourself is as follows:

  • Allows your brain to have a fresh start
  • Unwinds your tired body and mind
  • Helps better concentration
  • Improves the quality of your relationships
  • Aids in rediscovering yourself

People on average spend 5.26 hours for relaxation activities, but most still claim that they don’t have enough time for it.

The most renowned “me” time activities include socializing, watching TV, and engaging in sports and recreational activities, as per Happify.

But the truth is that quality “me” time always beats quantity “me” time in terms of impact (e.g., work-life stability, level of engagement at work, wellbeing, etc.).

To reset stress, even the littlest of effort counts. For instance, are you adding a few more minutes in your nightly tub soak? Do you reward yourself with little desserts or extended periods of rest?

Your greatest boss will always be yourself, so always remember to serve your needs and wants first.

#3: Aim for 7 to 8 hours of shut-eye

There’s a good reason why I only do freelance jobs on weekends – it’s because I want to be at my best the next day.

When you’re already sleep-deprived, how much you think your stress tolerance will be? It’s obviously lower.

If you sleep for seven to eight hours, you’re allowing your body to start on a clean state again. It gets rid of excessive hormones, and repairs damaged cells in the body so it can be more receptive to challenges.

Intentionally going to sleep late ages both the body and brain rapidly. It’s like attempting to open multiple tabs in an already outdated browser.

#4: Hit the treadmill


No stress relief tips list can be complete without including adequate exercise. It’s already a given that sweating it out amplifies the production of the brain’s feel-good neurotransmitters – endorphins.

But did you know that it’s “meditation in motion” too?

Mayo Clinic tries to convince everyone that you’ll forget the day’s hassles and stresses,for instance, after doing a few shoot-arounds in the gym or sprinting 5 laps uninterruptedly.

You become so immersed with the physical task, that you somehow forget problems that plagued your mind. The more you engage in physical activities, the more positive and composed you’ll feel.


#5: Ignore petty people

I’ve disconnected from a handful of toxic and negative people, and believe me when I say that my life just got way, way better.

I was a people pleaser in the past. I craved for the approval of almost everyone. What I failed to account was the truth that you can never please everyone, because individual backgrounds are way too deviated. I ended up depressed and at the brink of paranoia.

Now, I only value comments and feedback from people that really matter to me: my family, my employer, my few inner circles, and my Creator.

You don’t need necessary stress from the most random of folks. Who are they in your life in the first place anyway? Stand up and have the guts to silence your doubters.


As a wrap-up, alleviating everyday stress must involve holistic actions. It’s about indulging when needed; walking away when there’s enough reason to; and rewarding yourself every now and then. More than physiological influences, you have the power to will yourself out of unwanted stressors.
Author Bio

Jacob Silva is a former elementary professor and life coach. He loves relating with people and helping solve their concerns. Jacob is a full-time father too. He decided to work at home to better cater the needs of his two sons. Currently, Jacob works as web administrator and essayist at wedohomework.net


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