3 Ways for Getting Rid of Hemorrhoids for Good


Hemorrhoid is a disease that creates unbearable pain in anus. If it hits, it is usually difficult to get rid of this for good. In this condition, your anus is out and about roughened and rectum is damaged. Some people can’t get sleep due to its pain and irritation.

Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

  • Feeling or having itching in anus
  • There is pain inside the rectum.
  • Ache around anus
  • Blood during your bowel movements
  • Swollen tissues of anus
  • Tissue bulging out of balloon knot
  • Release of thicker stuff though anus
  • Incontinence
  • Soreness around anus

Risky Factor of Hemorrhoids

  • Much stomach pressure due to ascites
  • Increased pressure of abdomen owing to pregnancy
  • Several times diarrhea in a month
  • Every stage of pregnancy
  • Going for lifting heavy weights
  • Keep sitting on cushion
  • Anal sexual intercourse


1) Herbal Medicines

First of all, pirrhoid is one of the best herbs to relieve hemorrhoids and this herbal supplement is helpful for the reduction of internal and external piles too. Keep in mind that if your piles are soft, they may not cause pain, but if they are hard, you will face much pain. It also controls bleeding hemorrhoids.

Aloe vera is itself a medication that is really beneficial for curing diseases. The gel of aloe vera is applied on anus to be free of hard piles as it works as an ointment. If you have inflammation and pain around your anus, you can take gel of aloe vera on your finger or on a cotton bud to use it on this side. It diminishes pain that is not letting you to be relaxed. As a result, you will be cured.

2) Hemorrhoid Surgeries

Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy is a surgery to treat people who are suffering from prolapsed hemorrhoids; it is method that is also called stapling. By this operation, the inflamed and swollen tissues are cut. Many infected people go for this treatment which is costly too. When your artery is targeted, it is Doppler Ligation surgery that treats your hemorrhoids.

Moreover, the treatment of band ligation is also available to get rid of this problem. This treatment is done with the help of rubber band for stopping the flow of blood to the affected surface.

Lastly, Hemorrhoidectomy operation is there that is much painful because in this surgery hemorrhoids are exterminated completely. After surgery, you need to take medicine to relive pain.

3) Foods for Hemorrhoids

If you are willing to replace your foods such as red meats into white meats, eggs and fatty foods into green vegetables, it is stunning to have good stomach and rectum. If your rectum and digestive system are out of order, you will face several anal and abdominal diseases. Most of the doctors say, “Having a perfect stomach keeps you away from all diseases”.

Wheatgrass is extremely effective that its juice is used for eliminating your hemorrhoids while keeping your abdominal system in order. It is not only proven by some doctors, but also some scientific researches. On the other hand, instead of consumption of white flour, you should eat gram flour bread. Eat cooked onions to have relaxation around anus.


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