17 Important FAQs about Hypothyroidism


1. What is hypothyroidism?

When it comes to know about hypothyroidism, it is a problem of abnormal and very slow activity of your thyroid glands resulting in slow mental development and growth in adults and children.

2. How it is possible to know this condition?

There are some sing of this condition such as mood swings, uncontrolled cold, hair loss, depression, dry skin and weight gain.

3. What tests are required?

If you just reach at any diagnostic center, there some required tests such as CBT, exams of thyroid and T4.

4. Can it be checked at home?

It is not sure that you will do it properly, but it can be done with the help of thermometer which is taken under your armpit.

5. Am I at high risk of this condition?

If you are above 50s, you are at high risk. This condition is also common in babies.

6. Is this is a contagious problem?

No, it is not, but it is really preventive not to use pots of an affected.

7. What medicine is to avoid?

Anti-depression medicine is not effective and you need not to take it.

8. I have brittle nails. Am I the victim of?

It is to keep in mind that having brittle hair and nails is one of the major signs of hypothyroidism.

9. Do I need to eliminate soy?

Yeah, because it suppresses you thyroid functions and imbalances hormones.

10. What about fluoride?

More than 4 gm fluoride is not effective your thyroid.

11. Do I need to see a cardiologist?

When your blood flow is very low or temperature is lower than 97.10/99, see a cardiologist.

12. Should I take iodine?

Yeah, of course! Your thyroid requirement is iodine for functioning properly and many people these days face this condition due to iodine deficiencies.

13. Is fat good for me?

Yes, eating healthy fat is effective. Take fat from natural foods and it should not be from animal.

14. Can I use canola oil?

No, if you suffer from this problem, you should not go for canola oil.

15. Which fruits are effective?

You need to drink pear juice on a regular basis and apple is also good for you.

16. Can I perform exercise?

If you are willing to perform exercise, it will be the most effective step to heal your thyroid.

17. Who is the right person to treat it?

See a doctor since this one is the right person to treat hypothyroidism.


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